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You can choose to participate in a class with Gi (kimono) or without Gi (sport pants + shirt). There are different classes so pay attention when booking a trial class

All our trial class options are accessible to beginners with little or no experience.

You can easily book a trial class via the button below:

  1. Enter your “First and Last Name” and your “Email Address”
  2. Choose at “Subscription” for a free trial class and then click on “Select Lesson”
  3. Choose a “type of lesson” and then a “day and time”
  4. After you have clicked on “Sign up”, you will receive a confirmation by email within a few moments.

Explanation of different types of classes

try out one of our beginner friendly classes

You can choose from three different types of lessons to try out as a trial lesson. All these types of lessons are suitable for beginners.

Mixed Levels

Mixed Levels Gi/No-Gi

This lesson is suitable for all levels, the group is divided in two for this class. One group will work with basic techniques and the other half will work on more advanced techniques This kind of lesson is offered in both Gi lessons with pak (Gi) and No-Gi (without kimono).

Basics and Fundamentals

Basics and Fundamentals

During our Basics and Fundamentals lessons we work on the basic techniques of BJJ, sparring is limited to a minimum in these lessons. This type of lesson is very suitable for the novice BJJ practitioner.



During our Wrestling lessons you will learn techniques to get your opponent to the ground. We use techniques from different wrestling styles, but also Judo and Sambo.

Beginner Course BJJ

do you want to participate in a beginners course BJJ? Click here for more information!

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