Beginners course

Master the basics in 6 weeks

We are starting a New course!!!

After the first course was sold out in a couple of days, we decided to start a second group earlier than we expected. We already have a couple of participants who where on the waiting list of the last course, signed up for this one. So Monday July 5th 2021 we will start our second beginners course.

The second course will be every Monday and Wednesday evening 6:15 until 7:15 pm, for again 6 weeks. If you want to get a flying start on your Jiu Jitsu journey, click on the sign up button below.

Beginners course Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Your first introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it might even be your first martial arts experience. You don’t know where to start, which technique first. Do I have to work on my fitness first?? Or should I build muscle in the gym before I start?!

We now have something new especially for you. A BJJ course especially for beginners. You don’t need any martial arts experience, you don’t have to be in the best shape of your life. We will start from scratch together and get you completely ready in 6 weeks, so that you can make a flying start on your Jiu Jitsu journey.

In a group of 20 participants, you will build a solid foundation in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu twice a week over a period of 6 weeks. You do this together with other total beginners. The training days for the next course are Monday and Wednesday from 18:15 to 19:15.

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These aspects will be covered during the course

Rolling and breaking fall

It may sound simple, but a correct way of rolling and breaking a fall. Ensures that you can prevent many annoying injuries. In addition, a good rolling technique ensures that you will be able to perform your BJJ techniques better later on.


In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you have different positions from which you will learn to defend yourself, but also to set up attacks yourself. Common positions are; side control, mount, closed guard, half guard and open guard. During this course we pay extra attention to all these positions so that you can learn and apply the techniques faster


BJJ is largely about controlling your opponent, this often requires improving your position in relation to your opponent. Your opponent will not just let this happen, he/she will do everything with his/her legs and arms to stop you. During this course we will teach you the basic techniques needed to pass your opponent and get into a dominant position​

Jiu Jitsu is like riding a bike, you never forget!

Keeping position

You have finally made it past your opponent's arms and legs. You are now in a dominant position. But what now? Your opponent will do anything to get out of this position and you should do your best to hold your position.


But what if you end up lying on the bottom yourself?! That also happens sometimes, you can try to push someone very hard but with an opponent who knows how to hold the position this will be difficult. With the right technique, you can get out of this annoying position without exhausting yourself

Condition, Coordination and Agility​

A good condition, good coordination and some flexibility is a big advantage when practicing BJJ. We will work on all these aspects during this 6 week course. Often not in the form of countless exercises, but especially in the form of BJJ techniques at a faster pace

Register today for our next course​

The next Brazilian Jiu Jitsu course for beginners starts on July 5th 2021, the costs are €89 for the full course.

Classes are every Monday and Wednesday from 6:15 PM to 7:15 PM.

You can book your spot via the button below, be quick because there is a maximum of 20 participants and our last course was sold out in a matter of days.


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