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What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Braziliaans Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

BJJ is a martial art that focuses on bringing the opponent to the ground as quick as possible - by taking an opponent down and then continuing with the ground fight. The object of the game is to get the opponent to give up as quick as possible using various submissions. Moving the fight to the ground removes the advantage that a more skilled standing fighter has.


This can also be seen in the major Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitions, of which the UFC is an example. In these competitions, the majority is decided on the ground. It is therefore important for every fighter, of whatever discipline, to master the ground fight. Statistics show that 80% of street fights end on the ground.

Technique beats strength

The techniques used in BJJ depend on leverage, timing and weight distribution. This allows a smaller, weaker person to beat the bigger, stronger opponents. This is not only theory, as with most martial arts, but this is the daily practice during training and sparring on the mat. Do you want to experience this yourself? Click on the button for a free trial lesson.

“There is no losing in jiu jitsu. You either win or you learn.”

Beginners Course BJJ

Want to join our next BJJ beginners course? In november we will start with a new group.


BJJ is simply impossible without training partners. The better your training partners, the better your training will be and the faster you will develop. BJJ is a very intense interpersonal struggle for dominance, carried out within a structure that prevents people from actually harming each other. The “tap” system to indicate defeat prevents people from actually hurting each other.

Elevation Jiu Jitsu Utrecht - BJJ Utrecht - Braziliaans Jiu Jitsu - Grappling Utrecht

It is more or less like chess, I make a move and then “you” again. We continue until we have the other checkmate and he / she has nowhere to go.

Okay you got me, I tap and we start again. Instead of a fight, it becomes a game.

Because it is so important in Jiu Jitsu that your training partners keep getting better, you see that everyone is always busy helping each other to improve their techniques.

In addition, your training partners help with basic things like keeping you motivated and responsible (“Hey, where were you Tuesday? You’re always there!”),

But that also helps you to improve and keep moving.

Elevation Jiu Jitsu Utrecht - BJJ Utrecht - Braziliaans Jiu Jitsu - Grappling Utrecht


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