LevelUP Jiu Jitsu Course

More techniques and more focus on finishing mechanics​

Level-up course Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

LevelUP your knowledge with this course. In a time span of 4 weeks we will teach you all about Leg Attacks, Back Attacks and Arm Attacks both in offensive and defensive perspective. The LevelUP Jiu Jitsu Course consists out of 8 masterclasses where we will teach you the ins and outs of these attacks.

For who is this course:

– Any Jiu Jitsu practitioner who wants to expand their knowledge in these specific areas

– You need to have finished at least our “beginner course” or at least 3 months of Jiu Jitsu experience 

– If you have trouble finishing Leg Attacks, Back Attacks and Arm Attacks

– If you get into Leg Attacks, Back Attacks and Arm Attacks and you don’t know how to get out of them

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Upcoming courses

The next available course starts on April 3rd 2023 and is on Monday and Wednesday from 18:15 am to 19:15 am.

You can book this courses from now on, the costs for a full course are €89,-. VOL

April Course

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These aspects will be covered during the course

Leg lock class - Elevation Jiu Jitsu

Leg Locks

Attacking the legs is extremely important in contemporary Jiu Jitsu. During this part of the LevelUP course we will cover the basics of our Leglock system. We start with the finishing mechanics of two Ankle Locks and from there we will work on a number of entries and eventually the defense. After this part you are ready to further expand your knowledge during our Leg lock lessons.

Back Attacks

BJJ is largely about controlling your opponent, one of the best positions to control an opponent is the back mount. During this part of the LevelUP course we cover entries to the back mount, the backmount itself, attacks from the backmount and escaping the backmount.

Arm Attacks

Attacking limbs is a huge part of BJJ. After getting into a controlling position, isolating and eventually attacking the arms is a hugely important weapon in your arsenal. During this part of the course we look at Armbars, Kimuras and Keylock/Americana attacks.

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We currently have a course available to book:

  • The April course: This course starts on April 3rd and classes are every Monday and Wednesday from 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm. VOL

You can book your spot via the button below, you can choose LevelUP Jiu Jitsu Course April 2023. The costs for a full course are € 89.

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